Winning Over an Increasingly Distracted Audience

Sebastian Fontan
November 15, 2018

Learn how to improve your website to maximize conversions, and win over an increasingly distracted audience.

Winning Over an Increasingly Distracted Audience

Let's face it, millennials don't focus on any one thing for very long. We are all millennials here at Wildlane, so we're not exactly pointing fingers. In fact, studies suggest that our generation's attention span has been slashed by a third, to only 8 seconds or less. That means you have only a moment to make your case, and grab the attention of potential customers. If they don't like what they see at a glance, they will quickly hit the back button, and leave your site. So what do you do when no one cares to be on your website for very long? Here are the top ways to increase your site's conversion rate, and win the focus of an increasingly distracted audience.

Use Catchy Headlines

It's your job to inform and entertain your audience, and this all starts with a headline. You can use compelling words, symbols, numbers, and statistics to help you generate interest in your article or page. Trigger words like, 'what', 'how', and 'why' are a powerful way to persuade your readers. Whatever you do, make sure you deliver on your promises, or future headlines might be ignored. Last but not least, remember to craft your headline with SEO in mind. Do some research, and use a "focus keyword" to help you rank under a particular search term.

Get to the Point

Whether it's a blog post, or a web page, you need to know exactly what you're wanting to communicate to your audience, or you will end up all over the place. In other words, think hard before you start writing. Do plenty of research, and avoid using filler text. If you find yourself using too many words, try to rewrite your sentences to be more precise. After all, it's not about writing long, it's about writing effectively.

Improve Your CTAs

Getting a prospect to call you, sign up, or fill out a form on your site is often times like pulling teeth. Most of us never finish checking out, and give up long before we've fully filled out a contact form. That's why, having an effective call-to-action, or "CTA", is absolutely vital to your closing pitch. It's your chance to ask for what you want, and do it in a way that's persuasive. Every call-to-action is important; it must be visually appealing, and easy to spot on the page. Remember that your call-to-action is the most important piece of text on the page, and you want everyone to read it, so make it stand out. Don't be afraid to experiment with the wording, colors, and placement, to see what works best over time. It's not rocket science, but it is a science.

Use Testimonials

Testimonials are possibly the hardest working element of any website. They add credibility, and help small businesses build trust with potential customers. Of course, these are not always easy to come across, so make sure to ask for testimonials as a matter of course. Any time you complete a successful interaction with a customer, and they are satisfied with your product or service, it is a good opportunity to ask for one. Use testimonials throughout your site, and make sure they are easy to find on the page.

Don't Give 'Em Too Many Choices

Choice overload is real, and it is a paralyzing force that can impact the growth of your small business. In other words, when we're given too many options to choose from, we have a harder time making a decision. Needless to say, this isn't good for generating sales. Remember that your audience is already distracted, and too many choices can be overwhelming, so keep things simple, and turn more browsers into customers.

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